Dario Bauso on Honeybees

July 05, 2022 00:19:29
Dario Bauso on Honeybees
Carry the Two
Dario Bauso on Honeybees

Jul 05 2022 | 00:19:29


Show Notes

Welcome to the second episode of Carry the Two! We’re the show for people who enjoy discovering hidden elements that impact our lives in the most unexpected ways.

In this episode, Ian and Sadie talk about how honeybees decide on new hive locations when they outgrow their current home. With the help of mathematician Dario Bauso, they learn how researchers use mean field games to model such decision-making and how it applies to other cases as well.

Find our transcript here: LINK

Curious to learn more? Check out these additional links:

https://www.imsi.institute/videos/mean-field-game-for-collective-decision-making-in-honeybees-via-switched-systems/ (Dario’s talk at IMSI)


L. Stella, D. Bauso,  P. Colaneri, "Mean-Field Games for Collective Decision-Making in Honeybees via Switched Systems", IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, online doi: 10.1109/TAC.2021.3110166


L. Stella and D. Bauso, “Bio-inspired evolutionary dynamics on complex networks under uncertain cross-inhibitory signals", Automatica vol. 100, 2019, pp. 61--66


D. Pais et al., "A mechanism for value-sensitive decision-making", PLoS ONE, vol. 8, no. 9, Sep. 2013


L. Stella and D. Bauso, “Bio-Inspired Evolutionary Game Dynamics in Symmetric and Asymmetric Models",  IEEE Control Systems Letters, 2.3 2018 pp. 405--410 

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This episode was audio engineered by Tyler Damme.

Music by Blue Dot Sessions.

Special thanks to Dario Bauso, the Institute for Mathematical and Statistical Innovation, the University of Chicago, and the National Science Foundation. The Institute for Mathematical and Statistical Innovation (IMSI) is funded by NSF grant DMS-1929348.

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